Al,Ben and Aza are a fun making force to be reckoned with. Their sound is a genre hopping treat to the ears, featuring a mixture of catchy original tunes, fresh and interesting arrangements of well chosen covers, instrument swaps and even a bit of beat-boxing thrown in for good measure.

"Immensely Talented" - The Feeling

Al, Ben and Aza have been best mates for donkey's years and the live show reflects that. The music is performed with both energy and passion, but the the key to AlBenAza's success (as any fan will tell you) is how they connect with the audience. They always create a brilliant atmosphere for everyone to cut loose and have a great time.

"The gifted AlBenAza feature three of the most talented rock and indie musicians in the city..." - Plymouth Evening Herald

Please come and see us at a gig, say hello on Twitter and have a listen to some tunes. See you soon,

Al, Ben and Aza xx